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         Alyce Holmes is a native New Yorker who was pulled south in 1976 when her family moved to Satsuma, Alabama.   Currently, she resides in Montgomery.  Alyce has been writing romance and intrigue fiction for thirty years.  

        Her source of inspiration was her mother, Maxie Rene Holmes, who gave encouragement and support. She passed prior to the publication of the first novel, Destiny Voyage.  The Yellow Rose was her favorite flower and that image can be found on every Alyce Holmes novel as the author’s gift of love and respect to her mother’s memory.  

        Enjoy Destiny Voyage, Power that Binds, Spellbound, Devil’s Delight and Halfway to Heaven. Halfway to Heaven is the first of the series with Afro-American characters and it is loosely based on her relationship with her late mother and composites of several close family members.   The next release is titled Best Served Cold and it is scheduled for publication in January, 2018.  

      Look for the linking activities between characters and settings that is a special feature in the story lines woven through her sixteen novel series.  

       Other coming titles include Forbidden Fruit, Ashes in the Snow, Promise of Tomorrow, Twisted, Fade into Gray, Rules of Engagement, Perfect Storm, Postscript, Blink and Rush to Judgment.  

       Alyce is the co-owner of  Ebony Lights Productions, Inc. which is a non-profit performing arts production company that will be headquartered in Montgomery. The first stage plays to be performed will be her own comedies, Ghetto Fabulous, You Can’t Fix Stupid and Jumping to Conclusions. These will be followed by her dramas, Somethin' Serious and First Thing Smoking.  

      Ebony Lights will be seeking plays from other authors throughout Montgomery, as well as, drawing their stage talent in the areas of performing, dancing and music.  In 2018, Ebony will begin producing several three part mini-series on its own YouTube channel starting with Seven, Adult Supervision, Almost Relative, Adversaries and Bad Blood.   

     Feel free to contact the author via email and request an autograph for your Alyce Holmes book at no extra charge. Get information about starting a Book Club in your area using the Alyce Holmes’ Yellow Rose Novels Collection and learn about hosting a free Skype date with the author.  

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