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Alyce Holmes' Yellow Rose Novels Collection

Destiny Voyage


Trapped in a web of deception.  She went from the arms of a man she hated into the arms of a man she feared.  Danielle Spencer was a writer for San Francisco's Action Magazine.  Recovering from a shattered romance, she feared the loss of her golden touch until the day her editor sends her on an impossible mission...

Power that Binds


Christine Fields knew how to maneuver in a man's world when she stepped out on faith and started her own company.   Now she was headed to Paris, France to begin her next assignment.  Paris, the City of Lights, is one of the most romantic places in the world.  Yet, the beauty of it would be wasted on her and Nicholas Powers...



Alexia Blakeley hadn't lost a case yet.   She was the daughter of the founding member of one of the most prestigious law firms in Boston, but she wanted to step outside her father's domineering shadow and became a criminal defense attorney for the State of New York.  During her latest case, she'd won an acquittal in a headline...

Devils Delight

Some secrets needed to remain hidden.  Frankie Jones had been disowned and thrown away, forcing her to live a very shady life with some unholy people.  She escaped her fate by a miracle.  With help, she rebuilt herself from the ground up and made some hard choices.  Eventually, she found a job where she met and fell in love... 

Highway to Heaven


Elizabeth Harris should be the happiest woman in the world.  She is a fashion editor for a New York magazine and her career was beginning to soar when she was offered a high ranking promotion to head an overseas division.  That was before she met Bradley Ashton, a handsome S.E.C. attorney and fell head over heels in love in a whirlwind... 

Best Served Cold


Revenge is the dish best served cold.  Karen was living the outward appearance of a life most people would envy.  Only she knew it was an abusive marriage and she had no intention of allowing it to continue.  When her husband, Nathan, landed a job as the operations manager for Duvall Beverage and Distribution, he bought her a new house, a new car, and... 


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