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Destiny Voyage by Alyce Holmes

Trapped in a web of deception.  She went from the arms of a man she hated into the arms of a man she feared.  Danielle Spencer was a writer for San Francisco's Action Magazine.  Recovering from a shattered romance, she feared the loss of her golden touch until the day her editor sends her on an impossible mission.  She was ordered to get an exclusive story on wealthy industrialist, Ryan McDermont.  He has a team of people who shield him from gossip seeking reporters.  She is plagued by an evil admirer who has kept his twisted love for her a secret until caught in a desperate act of willful revenge.  Caught between these men. One is rugged and true.  The other has a heart blackened by lust and greed.  He will attempt to destroy her.  Another will fight to win her.  One man will lose and one will set Danielle on a collision course towards her final destiny...
Main Characters: Danielle Spencer and Ryan McDermont. 

Chapter One of Destiny Voyage

Alyce Holmes' Destiny Voyage (pdf)


Power that Binds by Alyce Holmes

Christine Fields knew how to maneuver in a man's world when she stepped out on faith and started her own company. Now she was headed to Paris, France to begin her next assignment.  Paris, the City of Lights, is one of the most romantic places in the world.  Yet the beauty of it would be wasted on her and Nicholas Powers, heir to the New York based textile firm, Powers Industry.  From the beginning, they leave little doubt of their mutual distaste for each other.  However, circumstances would force their hands in a collaboration to launch a multi-billion dollar project and fight off industrial saboteurs.  When the finger of guilt is pointed in Christine's direction, she has to convince Nicholas of her innocence.  This would prove a difficult task since she wasn't so sure herself...
Main Characters: Christine Fields and Nicholas Powers 

Chapter One of Power that Binds

Alyce Holmes' Power that Binds (pdf)


Spellbound by Alyce Holmes

Alexia Blakeley hadn't lost a case yet.   She was the daughter of the founding member of one of the most prestigious law firms in Boston, but she wanted to step outside her father's domineering shadow and became a criminal defense attorney for the State of New York.  During her latest case, she'd won an acquittal in a headline making murder trial and made name partner in one swoop.  The only problem,  the murders started again and she wondered if she'd made a terrible mistake, especially when it seemed she was targeted as the next victim.  In spite of that, she took on another case that would expose her to underworld figures and drug lords, ultimately putting her life into further jeopardy with hidden links to someone close.  Top notched District Attorney, Jason Steele, was asked to step in and take control.  Jason was the last man Alexia wanted to see; not only because of the past they once shared, but the secrets she had never revealed...
Main Characters: Alexia Blakeley and Jason Steele 

Chapter One of Spellbound

Alyce Holmes' Spellbound (pdf)


Devil's Delight by Alyce Holmes

Some secrets needed to remain hidden.  Frankie Jones had been disowned and thrown away forcing her to live a very shady life with some unholy people.  She escaped her fate by a miracle.  With help, she rebuilt herself from the ground up and made some hard choices.  Eventually, she found a job where she met and fell in love with an ambitious junior attorney.  Seventeen years later, she is Nevada socialite, Francis Covington and the wife of Senate hopeful, Alexander Covington.  His political campaign had thrust their lives into public view and private turmoil.  Dark remnants from her  past, including several unsavory people with secrets best left forgotten threatened to come to the surface and disrupt her entire life.  It would leave her open to a scandal that could destroy her husband's career, her marriage and her family; making her desperate enough to do almost anything to stop it...
Main Characters: Francis (Jones) Covington and Alexander Covington 

Chapter One of Devil's Delight

Alyce Holmes' Devil's Delight (pdf)


Halfway to Heaven by Alyce Holmes

Elizabeth Harris should be the happiest woman in the world.  She is a Fashion Editor for a New York magazine and her career was beginning to soar when she was offered a high ranking promotion to head an overseas division.  That was before she met Bradley Ashton, a handsome S.E.C. attorney and fell head over heels in love in a whirlwind courtship and became engaged.  Those were the only good things because the rest of her family was falling apart, including her four dysfunctional sisters and one under-employed brother who all have secrets and lives that were spiraling out of control.  She was the one trying to hold things together,  deal with their mother's recent illness and plan the perfect wedding at the same time.  Elizabeth needed fate to lend a hand along with some faith-filled encouragement that could only be found halfway to heaven...
Main Characters: Elizabeth Harris and Bradley Ashton 

Chapter One of Highway to Heaven

Alyce Holmes' Halfway to Heaven (pdf)


Best Served Cold by Alyce Holmes

Revenge is the dish that's best served cold.  Karen was living the outward appearance of a life most people would envy.  Only she knew it was an abusive marriage, and she had no intention of allowing it to continue.   When her husband, Nathan, landed a job as the Operations Manager for Duvall Beverage and Distribution, he bought her a new house, a new car, and promised things would be different. Nathan took the job left vacant by Eric Kirkland.  His death had been under mysterious circumstances and his sister, Laurel, refused to believe foul play wasn't involved and felt the need to let Nathan know what might lie ahead.  When his well-planned career started to crumble at his feet, Karen happily watched from the sidelines as all Nathan's efforts to hurt her were turned towards trying to save himself....
Main Characters: Karen Wells and Nathan Wells 

Chapter One of Best Served Cold

Alyce Holmes' Best Served Cold (pdf)